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Blog 02/03/2016

Oracle JET 2.0 released

Oracle release

Last monday Oracle released JET version 2.0. The most important news in my opinion is that Oracle JET now is Open Source. Also Oracle JET is available on Github here.

There are a lot of new features added to 2.0. On this site there’s an overview of the new features.

One nice feature is that you can generate a hybrid mobile application.

There are some prerequisites before you can develop a hybrid mobile application. First you must install yeoman, grunt and cordova. Yeoman is a tool to generate a template for your application. Grunt is a JavaScript task runner and Cordova is necessary for cross-platform development.

The installation of these tools can be done in the terminal:

npm –g install yo
npm –g install grunt
npm –g install cordova

After the installation of the components you can generate a mobile hybrid application. Enter in a terminal:

yo oraclejet:hybrid android_navbar  --appName="android_navbar" --template=navBar --platforms=android


Oracle JET code

The application is generated. It can take a while.

Change the directory in the terminal:

cd android_navbar

Then build the application with Grunt:

grunt build --platform=android


Oracle JET

To run the application you can choose to run the application in the browser or in an Android emulator. I installed Android studio download here and created a virtual device.
One remark: When you use an emulator make sure you installed in the SDK Manager Android 5.1.1 (version 22). This is required by Cordova.

Now you can run the application:

grunt serve --platform=android --destination=Nexus_5_API_23_x86

And in the emulator you can see the generated application:

Phone screen
Phone screen

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